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Spoken Tutorial Project

Report of

One-Day Workshop On

“Spoken-Tutorial Project”
(1st August, 2015)
Conducted By
IIT Bombay

On 1st August 2015, a One-Day Workshop on “Spoken-Tutorial Project” under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Govt. of India has been successfully organized & conducted by NK Orchid College of Engg. & Tech., Solapur jointly with Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Resource person Prof. Vhatkar K. N. have guided participants.

Nearly 70 teachers from Polytechnic Colleges, in and around Solapur district participated in this workshop.

As per the written feedback received from participants, workshop is very beneficial to them, hospitality was excellent, and overall arrangement was excellent. Many of the teachers demanded such type of workshops for their institutes.

Following table shows list of participants along with their details.

 Sr. No.  Name Branch  College Name 
 1 Prof. Jagtap A. B.  Applied Mechanics Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
Prof. Ekbote S. S. Applied Mechanics  Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
Prof. Madiwal G. B. Automobile  S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
4 Prof. Nikate S. M. Civil S.V.I.T. Polytechnic Solapur
5 Prof. Chinlalwar P. V. Civil S.V.I.T. Polytechnic Solapur
6 Prof. Gram N. A. Civil S.V.S.M.D's Polytechnic Akkalkot
7 Prof. Hanchate M. K. Civil S.V.S.M.D's Polytechnic Akkalkot
8 Prof. Kutwal J. D. Civil SSPPI, Alani, Osmanabad
9 Prof. Kulkarni A. D. Civil S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
10 Prof. Ekhande N. A. Civil S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
11 Prof. Navtake S. S. Civil Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic, Hasegaon, Latur
12 Prof. More S.S. Civil Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
13 Prof. Khadake S. N.  Civil Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
14 Prof. Saste R. N. Civil V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
15 Prof. Salunke R. N. CSE M.D.A Polytechnic, Kolpa, Latur
16 Prof. Kulkarni S. P. CSE M.D.A Polytechnic, Kolpa, Latur
17 Prof. Gaikwad P. V. CSE S.P.M Polytechnic Kumathe Solapur
18 Prof. Dhobale M. R. CSE V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
19 Prof. Shabade S. D. CSE A.G. Patil Polytechnic Solapur
20 Prof. Kawale S.M. CSE SVERI's COE (Poly) Pandharpur
21 Prof. Shiral S. G. CSE S.V.S.M.D's Polytechnic Akkalkot
22 Prof. Bansode P.J. CSE Govt. Polytechnic, Osmanabad
23 Prof. Patane P. G. CSE Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic, Hasegaon, Latur
24 Prof. Chandole R.N. CSE S.E.S Polytechnic (Shift), Solapur
25 Prof. Ponde P. R. CSE S.P. Polytechnic Osmanabad
26 Prof. Bhogade R. B. CSE S.S.W.P. Solapur
27 Prof. More V. P. CSE S.V.I.T. Polytechnic Solapur
28 Prof. Sunil Patil CSE S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
29 Prof. Ghule D. K. CSE S.P.M Polytechnic Kumathe Solapur
30 Prof. Khadake S. B. E&TC V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
31 Prof. Surwase N. S. E&TC S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
32 Prof. Tipe S.M. E&TC S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
33 Prof. Wagh K. H. E&TC V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
34 Prof. Dewang R. C. E&TC S.V.I.T. Polytechnic Solapur
35 Prof. Pawar S.K.  E&TC SSPPI, Alani, Osmanabad
36 Prof. Kulkarni M.S. E&TC S.V.S.M.D's Polytechnic Akkalkot
37 Prof. Mhalgi V. M. E&TC

S.T.B College of Engg. Tuljapur

38 Prof. Patil S.S. E&TC S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
39 Prof. Nagansure P.R. E&TC S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
40 Prof. Kumbhar P.B. Electrical Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic, Hasegaon, Latur
41 Prof. Bhimanpalli M. B. Electrical Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
42 Prof. Kamble S. G. Electrical Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
43 Prof. Sakhare P. Electrical V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
44 Prof. Doshi M. R. IT A.G. Patil Polytechnic Solapur
45 Prof. Sangekar A.N. IT S.S.W.P. Solapur
46 Prof. Mittapally A.V. IT Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
47 Prof. Badde A.M. Mech M.D.A Polytechnic, Kolpa, Latur
48 Prof. Jadhav N.B. Mech V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
49 Prof. Ausekar M. Z. Mech B.M. Polytechnic Belati Solapur
50 Prof. Bhiste R.T. Mech V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
51 Prof. Takmoge S.V. Mech Govt. Polytechnic, Osmanabad
52 Prof. Gade R.P. Mech V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
53 Prof. Pawar A.B. Mech V.V.P. Polytechnic Soregaon, Solapur
54 Prof. Shaikh A. A. Mech S.P.M Polytechnic Kumathe Solapur
55 Prof. Shaikh N. S. Mech SVERI's COE (Poly) Pandharpur
56 Prof. Lokhande M.S. Mech SVERI's COE (Poly) Pandharpur
57 Prof. Chavan A. M. Mech SVERI's COE (Poly) Pandharpur
58 Prof. Mali S.C. Mech SVERI's COE (Poly) Pandharpur
59 Prof. Jadhav P.A. Mech SSPPI, Alani, Osmanabad
60 Prof. Kongari U.N. Mech S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
61 Prof. Goli K.C. Mech S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
62 Prof. Bayas V. V. Mech S.E.S Polytechnic Solapur
63 Prof. Pansare V.B. Mech S.T.B College of Engg. Tuljapur
64 Prof. Panchal K.K. Mech Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic, Hasegaon, Latur
65 Prof.Nagapure V. P. Mech Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
66 Prof. More S.S. Mech Govt. Polytechnic, Solapur
67 Prof. More P.S. Civil B.M. Polytechnic Belati Solapur
68 Prof. Solanke S.S. Mech S.V.I.T. Polytechnic Solapur


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